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Routine Message Assignment – Request for Letter of Recommendation
Paper details:
Hello, for this assignment I was tasked to find an internship, and write a request for a letter of recommendation to one of my former instructors. The letter of recommendation will be for the internship. Write a routine message email with no more than 300 words requesting a letter of recommendation for the internship, you will also be tasked to create an outline for the message. The teacher I will be requesting from is named Professor Atherley. For background information, she was my business foundations teacher during my freshman year. I am currently a sophomore right now at Suffolk University studying digital marketing. I have attached the rubric and directions to the assignment. I have also attached the page for the internship description. Please use simple language and write clearly as if you were talking to a former professor. Don’t forget to create an outline with the message, they must be passed in together. Thank you and good luck.