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Learning Goal: I’m working on a film project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

In 1920, British General Scott and his wife visit Adilabad district, and forcefully take away Malli, a Gond tribal girl to serve as their maidservant in Delhi. To rescue the girl, Komaram Bheem arrives in Delhi with his men. They capture a wild tiger in the forests to aid their mission. Nizam of Hyderabad warns Scott’s office about the same.

Alluri Sita Rama Raju is a police officer who proves his ability to serve the Empire. When Lady Buxton offers a promotion to the officer who catches the leader of the Gond tribe alive, Ram comes forward. He attends a meeting of the independent activists and proposes to assassinate Scott. As their goals seem to align, Bheem’s aid Lachhu asks Ram to meet Bheem. However, Lachhu flees when he senses that Ram is a police. Lachhu tells Bheem about this who asks him to hide.

Ram and Bheem accidentally meet and team up to save a boy. Bheem introduces himself as a Muslim named Akhtar while Ram hides his identity of an officer. They become best friends. Bheem comes across Scott’s niece Jennifer when they are trying to sneak into the palace. Ram helps Bheem to get close to her. Jennifer invites Bheem to a party which the duo attend. Impressed by his dance, Jennifer invites Bheem to the palace. Bheem silently meets Malli, assuring her rescue. Ram captures Lachhu to ask whereabouts about their leader but in vain. Lachhu gets hold of a common krait and throws it onto Ram which bites him. Lacchu warns Ram that it can kill him within an hour without anti-venom, known only to Gond people. Ram finds his way to Bheem who saves him. Bheem confesses to Ram by telling him about their mission.

Bheem and his men barge into the palace with a truck full of wild animals. Bheem unleashes them onto the British soldiers. However, Ram obstructs him as a police officer. Bheem pleads not to arrest him but Ram does not budge. Furious, Bheem fights off Ram, and goes on to climb the palace walls. Ram stops him while General Scott holds Malli at point blank. Bheem surrenders with no option left.

Bheem is sentenced to death via a public execution. Scott offers mercy if he kneels but Bheem refuses despite heaving lashing by Ram. He sings a song which motivates the public to rebel. Bheem is taken away by the officers. Ram recalls that his father Venkat Ramaraju had rebelled and sacrificed his lifeagainst the British. Venkat takes a promise from Ram that he’d a deliver a weapon to every person who takes part in the rebellion.

Venkat’s friend Venkateswarulu informs Ram that his promise is going to be fulfilled since he is appointed as in charge of a shipment of arms. Ram, however, puts saving Bheem and the girl as his priority. He requests Scott to execute Bheem in the outskirts as a part of his plan. However, Scott recognizes the ploy, and injures him. Bheem frees himself and fights the guards off. Ram shoots a Britisher over Malli’s head to save her. Misunderstanding this as an attack, Bheem beats up Ram and escapes with Malli. Bheem and his men hide in Hathras but the British officers arrive there. Sita recognizes that they are in danger and drives away the officers by lying that the place is infected with small pox. Sita reveals that she is Ram’s cousin and love interest. She adds that Ram is sentenced to death as he went against the British to save his best friend. Bheem regrets his actions and promises Sita to rescue Ram.

Bheem sneaks into the Barracks with the help of blue print given by Jennifer. He frees Ram from the prison, taking him on his shoulder as the latter is unable to walk. Together, they fight the guards and escape. Bheem treats Ram, however, the soldiers attack them in the woods. Ram takes bow and arrows from a shrine of Lord Rama and retaliates. Bheem joins him with a javelin. They fight off the soldiers and head towards the palace. They blast a motorcycle into a room full of TNT, and explode the building. Bheem retrieves guns and ammunition and delivers it to Ram. Lady Scott is killed in the chaos while Scott is killed by Ram and Bheem.

They reunite with Sita, Jennifer and others. Upon Ram’s insistence, Bheem requests to return the favour by educating him. Ram returns to his village and delivers the weapons as promised while Bheem returns to his hamlet, reuniting Malli with her mother.