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Its Radiology Physics.  Please follow all instructions as listed, the teacher is very picky. 

Case Scenario 1

Joey is a technologist at Rasmussen Hospital, and he receives an order for an abdominal series x-ray. The patient information reveals that it is a 350-pound male who can travel by stretcher (he is not able to stand).

Next, write a 1-2-page paper on your selected scenario (make sure to identify which scenario is selected) that:

  • Discusses how patient factors, exposure factors, and field size can each create scatter.
  • Explains the factor(s) in the scenario that would affect scatter production.
  • Describes steps that technologist could take to reduce the amount of scatter produced in the scenario.

General Requirements

  • Uses professional language and tone with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in a 1-2-page paper.
  • Provides at least 3 credible sources to substantiate your information as APA formatted references.

Reminder – Be creative and informative. This must be in your own words, not a copy and paste of information from other sources. Use only credible sources that are scholarly and educational. Be sure to cite all sources you use, including images.The purpose of this assignment is to consider all of the factors and techniques that can reduce the production of scatter and apply this knowledge to one of the scenarios below.