Scenario Teaching Response

Paper details:

o understand the interrelatedness of listening, speaking, reading, and writing and using this knowledge to select and use effective strategies for developing students’ literacy in English, the student will respond to one classroom scenario with two appropriate lesson plans.

First, read through the following scenarios and choose one. After choosing one scenario, develop two appropriate lesson plans for that scenario following the directions below.


Lesson Plan 1 (Think of this as the first day of two days of plans): (From Making It Happen page 336 [the first part of #3]). Select a piece of literature that will engage the minds of your students, and develop two pre-reading and two post-reading activities around it. The activities you choose should be based on the literature that you have selected. Make sure the literature and the activities are appropriate for the age and proficiency levels of the students in the Scenario you have chosen. Show evidence of having understood course material. Use pre- and post-reading activities from textbooks or course material. It is assumed that you will be reading the literature during this lesson. Tell us how the students will participate in the reading of the literature, using a strategy from 50 Strategies for this part of the lesson.


Use the following format for organizing Lesson Plan 1:


Scenario 1, 2, or 3 (choose 1 of the Scenarios and clearly state which one you are choosing)


Write the name of the Literature you have chosen with appropriate bibliography

Describe two pre-reading activities to accompany the strategy you chose.

Then, tell how you would read the literature—read aloud, choral reading, shared reading, etc. with explanation for accommodations for ELLs (if needed).

Describe two post-reading activities to accompany the strategy you chose with explanation for accommodations for ELLs (if needed). Make sure your activities relate to the literature you have just read.

Lesson Plan 2 (For another day. Think of this plan as one that follows the first lesson plan that you have designed.)


For the second part of this assignment, you will develop a lesson plan based on the following format:


You will use the same Scenario as the one you chose for Lesson Plan 1 but you will choose different activities for this lesson plan. They cannot be the same activities as the ones you included in Lesson Plan 1.


Choose a theme for the lesson: (This is not literature based; it is theme based.)

Describe a speaking activity that you could use with this theme:

Describe a listening activity that you could use with this theme:

Describe a reading activity that you could use with this theme:

Describe a writing activity that you could use with this theme:

(It is possible that one strategy can include both listening and speaking or both reading and writing but make sure you explain that in your paper.)


**Add to each of the above activities:


Specific ways you are accommodating your students who have lower English proficiency levels.

The following is a descriiption of the Scenarios you may choose from. Choose the same scenario for both of your Lesson Plans.


Scenario 1—The class consists of 22 young children (ages 5-8) of mixed English ability based on the following categories: four students have recently arrived in the U.S. and would be classified as Low to Mid Beginning Students; ten students are Mid to High Intermediate Students; and eight are Advanced Students. The children are from various Latin American countries, Asia, and the Middle East so they do not speak a common language among themselves. The majority of the students are from a low socio-economic status based on free and reduced lunch numbers. You have been asked to do a unit on Dental Hygiene and you want all of your students to understand the content of this lesson.


Scenario 2—You are a social studies teacher in middle school or high school with a class of 20 students. You are teaching American history and you realize that many of your students do not understand the vocabulary of the textbook and have limited travel experiences in the U.S. You don’t know the English proficiency level of your students. They seem to speak well but they don’t seem to understand directions and academic vocabulary. Choose a piece of literature that relates to American history for the first part of the assignment and a theme that relates to the literature for the second part of this assignment.


Scenario 3—You are an ESL teacher to a group of intermediate English speaking adults in a community ESL program. There are 35 adults enrolled in your class but attendance is not consistent and many times there are only 10-15 students present at a time. The class is held at night and most of the students work all day at physically demanding jobs. About half of the students are highly literate in their first language and about half have only basic literacy skills. The students consist of a mixture of Asians and Latin Americans. You have been told to use a textbook for your class but not all of the students have access to the book and it is your job to make the content accessible to all of the students. The unit you need to prepare is on Community Services so you will want to choose literature and lessons that are engaging, understandable and interactive based on that theme.