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Write a brief essay (250 word maximum) on your goals and aspirations as they relate to your education, career and future plans. Explain why you are a qualified candidate and should be considered for the scholarship. 

I need this paragraph to sound better and make to 250 words. Mygoal in life is to become a nurse and be an active member in helping thecommunity. Nursing is about love, empathy, and bringing joy to people. I findvery rewarding and motivating to take care of others, specially those who needit the most. After I reach my BSN, I would like to continue expanding myknowledge by stepping up my education to become a nurse practitioner.

Thenursing career requires a lot of sacrifice and hard work, many obstacles hadpresented and will continue to present but with my perseverance anddetermination I will overcome it all. Nursing has been my passion my whole lifeand therefore I will continue to give the best of me. My future patients can beassured that they will find in me someone that understands their needs, worriesand I will bring to them a lot of love and comprehension. This represents anopportunity of great importance and to be considered for this scholarship wouldput me a step closer to pursue my biggest dream.