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Academic Research Paper

The body of the paper should be 25-40 double-spaced pages, not including title page, abstract, table of contents, annotated bibliography, list of tables, or appendices. Your final submission must include the following:

Title Page


Table of Contents 

List of Tables and Figures (if applicable)


Research Strategies

A Review of the Literature 

Discussions and Conclusions

Annotated Bibliography (All sources referenced in the paper should be listed and annotated in the bibliography.)

Appendices (if applicable)

Each module outlined in the course is designed to help you develop the sections of your capstone project. 
Module 1 requires you to identify a main topic. The academic research paper must be on a topic you have chosen to explore within your major area of study. In this module, you will identify and introduce the topic, providing reasons for this selection and its relevance to your life. You will also draft a problem statement, preliminary thesis statement, or opening hypothesis to research within the context of your topic.
Module 2 requires you to create an outline of your planned approach to help you think through how you will pursue your capstone project. This outline will not be included in the final capstone project. However, a second part to this assignment includes a narrative section surveying your research strategies, which will be included in the final compilation of your capstone project.
Module 3 is a review of the literature, strategically placed here in the course to allow you more time to do the necessary research. Your literature review is expected to cite at least 10 strong academic sources. However, you are expected to have at least 15 sources referenced in your final deliverable. The literature review seeks to contextualize your topic in the relevant literature and demonstrate the breadth of your own knowledge. 
Module 4 is the last section of your final written project, comprised of your discussions and conclusions. This is where you will analyze and interpret the arguments you have found in the literature and evaluate the significant theories and concepts related to your topic. This is the culmination of your research and requires you to show what you have learned and how your own informed critical analysis sheds light on the topic you have been studying.  
Module 5 focuses on the oral presentation in which you will create, upload, and post an 8- to 10-minute video to share with classmates through a discussion forum. You will also submit this oral presentation for a grade by the end of the course. All requirements for this oral presentation portion of the capstone project are outlined below.
Module 6 is the conclusion of the course. You will compile and submit your final written academic research paper in standard academic format. All requirements for this written portion of the capstone project are outlined below.