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This question involves research in American Jurisprudence, Second Series (Am. Jur. 2d).




Follow these steps:




Return to the Secondary Sources main page.


Under the heading, By Type, click on Jurisprudence & Encyclopedias.


On the next page, under the heading Filtered Publications, click the hyperlink for American Jurisprudence 2d.


Type “sham marriage” (include the quotation marks) into the GSB and search.


Respond to each of the following (label each response with the correct letter to show which question you’re answering):




a. Scroll down the results, find the section named, Sham marriage—What is sham marriage. What is the section number, i.e. the number that follows the section symbol, which looks like this: §?




b. Click on the section in found in 2a, above. What is the name of the court case shown under Footnote 2 in that section? (Do not provide the citation.)