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Using your knowledge of weight management, you are to write a short paper (3-4 pages double-spaced, not including cover and reference page) which is to be a plan of how to manage your weight going forward. Your paper should include the following four sections:

Section One – Introduce yourself and your current perceived sense of health in relation to your weight. I do not want any numbers or extremely personal information. You can simply use terms like ideal weight, or under/overweight. Additionally, weight management goes beyond pounds, you can say you excess body fat, or you need to gain lean mass. Give me details on why you perceive yourself in this state and then a goal of where you want to go. I want to lose 10lbs, I want to gain 20lbs, I want to be under 10% fat, etc…

Section Two – From the knowledge learned in the diet recall discuss your current diet and your analysis of it. Then write about three different dietary/nutritional strategies such as the Mediterranean diet, the keto diet, the DASH diet, If it fits your macros, reverse dieting, intuitive eating, or being vegan or vegetarian, etc… Each description should have an overview of the diet/strategy and one peer-reviewed source explaining its efficacy. Pick the strategy that best works for you and explain why.

Section Three – You are now to discuss the exercise component of weight management. First write about your current exercise habits, then write about three different exercise strategies that could be useful in weight management. These strategies could be general fitness related (running, walking, weightlifting, swimming, etc…) or specific (Peloton, Powerlifting, CrossFit, Orange Theory, Strongman, Zumba, etc…). Each modality should have an overview and one peer-reviewed source explaining its efficacy regarding health or weight management. Pick the strategy that best works for you and explain why.

Section Four – This is your conclusion where you restate your current situation and goal. You are to then explain a plan on how your ideal diet and exercise strategy (mentioned at the ends of section two and three respectively) will help you achieve your goal and what practical steps you will need to take to start.

There is no need to have more than four pages on this, write concisely. There should be a minimum of six peer reviewed sources in your paper. All sources must have APA in-text citations and references on a dedicated page. Once again, all your sources must be peer-reviewed, no websites, blogs, or magazine/news articles. Your textbook cannot be used a source.


Address the topic in the form of an essay. For maximum points, include all of the required elements:
APA format and style applied consistently throughout the essay.
Length = 3-4 pages, double spaced with separate paragraphs for each section.
Abstracts, cover pages, and reference pages should be excluded.
Your submission should reference at least 6 peer reviewed articles on different diet and exercise methods.
Refer to the attached rubric for grading details.
Submit your work to this Canvas assignment page.