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Select a social group to which you do not belong, with regard to ethnicity

There are 4 steps to this assignment: Step 1: Select a social group to which you do not belong, with regard to ethnicity, sexual orientation/gender identity/expression, socioeconomic status, age, disability status, religious belief, political belief, cultural perspective, veteran status, country of origin, etc. It would be helpful to choose a group toward which you have some less than positive opinions or feelings, or one that you know very little about. [Criterion 1: Awareness] Step 2: Conduct research on your selected social group.

Be sure to locate at least 2 scholarly sources. One of your sources should discuss the selected group’s experience in the United States and the other should discuss their experience and how they are perceived in a country other than the U.S. [Criterion 2: Knowledge] Step 3: Conduct a 30-minute interview with a person from the selected social group. [Criterion 3: Application, Cultural Awareness] Step 4: Write your paper. Your paper must be no fewer than 5 pages in length. Page 1: Title page (APA Format) Page 2: Summary of the research you located Page 3: Summary of the interview Page 4: A personal reflection in which you discuss ways in which your perception of compassion and empathy toward this group has changed Page 5: An APA formatted Reference page [Criterion 4: Application, Global Awareness]