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This course requires you to gain a deeper understanding of your own development resulting from your personal experiences, values and beliefs. Further, how do these experiences, values and beliefs influence your assessment of others behaviors and/or situations?


To assist in this understanding, you are expected to write a Self-Reflection paper. Your paper should include thoughts on the following:

  • The values and beliefs you hold as a result of your own development
  • How you feel those values and beliefs might impact your assessment of the behaviors and situations of others
  • The ethical dilemmas you might face as a result of value and belief differences (i.e. client populations with whom you might find it difficult to work; decisions made by clients that are not in agreement with your beliefs).
  • Draw connections between this reflection and content from other courses, past learning, life experiences and/or future goals.
  • https://1lib.us/book/5009940/a15fa3
  • ch5 and ch6