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Sexual assault aged 7-17 in fort bend county texas

e your case to the governor of your home state regarding the following topics: I. the current state of juvenile offending in your state (list your state and select a juvenile crime; clearly state why that delinquent act is a problem in your state (use statistics for the crime using the UCR compare at least 5 years statistics, use at least two newspaper reports from the selected state and about the selected crime/delinquent act); II. Tell the governor how things about the crime/delinquent act have changed in your state and/or neighborhood from a personal point of view: for example you can address your life as a teen versus how things look now.

This section makes the selected problem personal: you can describe how you were raised (and experienced) and address changes in your neighborhood/state, the school, etc. and connect your personal to the general (the selected crime/delinquent act as it has changed over time). III. the best explanation of that delinquency (use one of the theories on the textbook; link the theoretical assumptions and the problem as you have described it to the Governor and the statistics used in I  & II above; and, IV Conclusion: your recommendations for policy and practice as a result.

Include any empirical evidence to support your points. Your topic must be pre-approved by the instructor.  The paper should be up to 8 pages in length or 2,000 words (includes references). That means you must give about equal writing time to all the topics above. The paper is to be analytical, with an emphasis on integrating the readings and outside sources into a cogent discussion on some relevant issue that can be theoretically addressed using the theories on the textbook (a criminal/juvenile justice problem).  You paper must clearly be divided into the above described 4 sections. These will be the