short paper should answer the following question:Knowing what we know now, what should have been done differently to mitigatethe Fukushima disaster? Were there steps that should have been taken before,during, or after? Support your position. Be sure to address each of thefollowing stages: Preparedness, Response, Recovery.

You can address a variety of perspectives in your shortpaperthere are issues related to public health, local/state/federalgovernment, planning and preparedness, response and recovery, criminal justice,economic, etc. You likely do not have time to go into any depth on more thanone of those given the short paper length, so select a topic that resonateswith you and explore it.

A short paper should thoroughly address the questionposed, provide examples to inform your perspective, and support ideas withreferences to scholarly works. You should use the course materials asreferences, but you may want to go beyond them and find additional resources.If you reference or quote sources other than course materials, includereferences in APA format. The best short papers will have a high level ofdetail, employ sophisticated writing, and demonstrate mastery of the courseconcepts and materials.

Must have abstract and introduction plus conclusion. APA form

Everything is basic on the reading in PDF file

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