Subject Area: Data science

Outlineof the scope (Area of focus is utility service delivery such as water andelectricity) in relation to ecology.

The review should be critically evaluative, that is, it should be critically framed, using the literature and other resources, to bring together arguments that support and question what is going on. In other words, just a description is not sufficient. The evaluative review should broadly include the following sections:
a half page abstract summarising the main points;
with reference to the key literature, an introduction to the topic, its historical context and why any particular application area, technologies and/or type of organisation was chosen;
an short explanation of the approach (methodology) used to produce the review;
a presentation of the main elements (and their dynamics) of the aspects that you are focusing on together with a consideration of the pros and cons;
a critical discussion of the relevant data ecology and impacts for data science and on society;
draw your conclusions and any hypotheses you may raise for further research;
a list of references cited in the text according to the Harvard convention.