Show why the Women’s Struggle for Equal Rights is Important?

Make sure your paper is a professional presentation. You can earn up to 20 points toward your final grade in this class. The research paper must have at least 8-10 pages of actual subject content with 10-12 certified references. The front page, table of contents and bibliography do not count as pages for the research paper. The paper must be original which implies it cannot be from another class.
The paper must analyze an urban problem. Concepts and terms from the text book must be used to solve the problem. The references must be validated sources. It is assumed that when History and Political Science and all students at the university see the term urban problem they know solutions will have to be formulated to solve it. The use of surveys are encouraged in the development of the paper to show how other students may or may not be aware of the topic that you think is a problem. The format is APA. The document must be in the most professional display possible. One key factor is to prove that your concern is a problem. You have to come up with realistic solutions for solving the problem. The weight for grading the paper will be focused on the actual problem, researching it, the actual solutions and a demonstrated use of terms and concepts from the text book. I hope this explains more about the expectations/objectives and goals of the assignment regarding the paper.
Structure = 25 points
A. Introduction
B. Body
C. Conclusion
D. Footnotes, or Endnotes
E. Bibliography

II. Mechanics = 25 points
A. Grammar (including proper use of words)
B. Sentence structure and phrasing
C. Overall readability and flow of material in paper
D. Correct format and usage of footnotes or endnotes
E. Correct format for bibliography

III. Content = 50 points
A. Is it apparent that student is familiar with their source?
B. How well does students prove her/his point?
C. Does the student use valid comparisons and contrasts?
D. Does the introduction give a thorough overview of paper?
E. How well does the paper address its thesis/mission?
F. Does the student use concepts and viewpoints from the text book?
G. Did the student use innovative approaches to prove points in the paper?
H. Does the conclusion bring the paper to a proper close?