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For this paper:
The question you will answer: What are the Grievances and/or Goals of your group?
Your BLUF must include your analytic judgement about Greivances or Goals. Make sure that you distinguish between grievances (existing problems) and goals (idealized solutions). Take a position and support your thesis with evidence. Create a title that captures your BLUF.
Format of paper:
1. Title should capture the BLUF
3. Evidence *in text citations*
4. Conclusion
5. Bibliography (may go on to second page)
Pointers to help with format:
Make sure that you begin your paper with a Title and BLUF (bottom line up front). In a sentence or two, simply answer the question and tell why its important. It is often better to do your research and find your citations before you compose a BLUF.
The body of the paper should provide evidence that supports the BLUF, nothing else.
Simplify your grammar and structure. Intelligence writing has a simple, clear style. We often share assessments with foreign intelligence or non-native speakers.
Your conclusion should be a logical extension of the evidence you provided. Do not introduce totally new concepts in the conclusion. Keep the logic tight. Tell me why the evidence you provided is significant, interesting, of concern, or predictive in some way. This is your evaluation of the evidence or data. What do you as an analyst add to the reporting? It does not have to be earth-shattering.