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situational leadership theory

Please select a research topic related to some aspect of Leadership Theories. Students are free to choose a topic as long as it relates to the course subjectmatter. A brief overview, 2-3 pages in length, will be developed and submitted to the instructor for approval before writing the paper. This assignment will account for 20% of your total grade. Support this submission with a minimum of seven additional resources. Your submission

should be 10 pages in length (see below) and will be graded on content, clarity, quality of research, and use of appropriate English composition (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax). The final submission must follow APA. i.

Title page must follow FCE title page requirementsii. Include a Table of Contentsiii. Include an Executive Summaryiv. The narrative must be at least 10-pages in lengthv. Use double-spaced 12-point, Times New Roman font for this and all assignmentsvi. Show all sources for the information/data presentedvii. Do not use first person.