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Social Isolation and the Postnatal woman
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Assignment question Discuss the effects of social isolation on postnatal depression in relation to a woman planning/having her first birth.

Scenario – Rhadhika had a girl at 35 weeks who is currently in NICU with breathing difficulties. She is breathing on her own but needs supplemental oxygen due to an undiagnosed cardiac malformation.

Introduction to the woman’s situation eg ante/post natal & anxiety/depression, gestation/day post birth

Evaluate the psychology of stress and coping in relation to bonding and attachment for transitioning families

Demonstrate your understanding of the anatomy & pathology and the effect of neurotransmitters on perinatal mental health issues

Outline the role of the midwife in this particular situation and what further allied health care or support services could involved

Implications for future practice for the women, their families and communities (this is in place of a conclusion )