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Social Policy Implications for Practice
Paper details:
With your process recording submission, please also include a two page, double spaced paper.
This paper asks you to write about a specific social welfare or public policy that affects the
wellbeing of your clients. In the paper:
Describe how this policy helps or hinders your own social work practice and/or that of
your agency.
Note any differences in how the policy affects your clients based on race, ethnicity, class,
gender, and other diversity traits.
Comment on the type of change that would be needed to reduce any negative effects
related to the policy or why the policy is important to keep and sustain.
Comment on what type of evidence would be needed, that your agency could provide, to
support policy change.
This is not a formal academic paper; you are not required to cite references. It should represent
your observations, assessment, and insights about how policy affects your clients.