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.Whereas we jumped into emotion talking about the basic structural aspects, there is also an emphasis on individual and group differences in motivation based off emotion. The first question, are there gender differences in emotion processing, be specific on the types/nature of the processes and justify your answer?

2.In this unit, you have read several articles detailing the relative neural underpinnings of emotions (or emotions) and individual differences in the activation of these systems. First, if we are conceptualizing the emotional brain, which of the four conceptualizations from early in the semester makes the most sense here and why? Provide evidence from several of the readings to support your argument.

3.Following the previous question on individual differences: How do we account for hyperactivation in response to certain stimuli. For instance, in the field of psychopathy, some have argued that differential neural processing of others pain removes culpability on the part of the criminal, that they arent responsible for their actions because they neutrally cant process the same stimuli. Take this into the current debates on motivation in emotion. Using the obese children (Bruce article) answer one of the following question (and of course back it up with APA formatted citations and justifications from the scientific realm): how can we intervene in obesity if obese children show differential neural processing?