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sociological concepts in a movie

The goal of this assignment is to take the concepts learned in this course related to sociology (the knowledge) and apply them to a real-life

scenario (application) after watching a film/movie that deals with humans and their interaction within society (connecting with the heart). There are no correct films (as long as it is a full-length film) and it reflects a range of sociological concepts discussed in class and within the course.  For instance, here are some great movies (my wife calls them “social work movies” as they deal with people and tug at your heartstrings) as

examples: I Am Sam Radio Glory Road Remember the Titans Space Cowboys Devil Wears Prada  Social Network Far and Away Cinderella Man Crazy Rich Asians The Greatest Showman Critique Instructions:  The film should be critiqued from a sociological viewpoint and answer the following questions: How does the film depict U.S. society? How accurate/realistic is this depiction? What social influences do you see impacting the behavior of the major characters?  As you review the film, please bold the sociological concepts that you are identifying AND explain what

part in the film made you stop and think” huh, that relates to what we discussed in class.” For instance, “As I was watching the movie, I observed that the main character, Joseph left the family farm and moved to the city where he obtained a job in a factory (concept of industrialization: people move from farm to city as society shifts from agrarian to industry). However, he was barely making ends meet (concept of social stratification: the poor stay poor at the profit of the rich) even working 70 hours a week.”  There should be a minimum of ten sociological

concepts identified. In terms of formatting, the paper needs to be 2 full pages in length and include the following components: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. You all may choose between APA format [student face sheet, title, section headers, separate body paragraphs,

summary/conclusion, and reference page] or MLA format (required information on the first page of content, title, summary/conclusion, and works cited page). Make sure to use in-text citations within the paper (give credit to the sources that were used within the paper to avoid

plagiarism). In-text citations and a corresponding reference/work cited page are only needed if sources outside of the textbook are utilized in this assignment.  Lastly, use 12 Times New Roman font and be double-spaced