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PART ONE explore data and information on a topic that interests you.

Read Research Blogs, Journalistic Reports, News Reports, or Press Releases about a specific gender-related issue. Start by reading about a topic on one of the research blogs below (all written by sociologists). Search these pages for a topic that interests you. Anything from gender-based violence to politics to sexual objectification in media to the division of household labor to workplace discrimination or sexual harassment and much, much more. As long as it is relevant to this class and it interests you, go for it!

  • The Society Pages, Theres Research on That! https://thesocietypages.org/trot/
  • Contexts https://contexts.org/
  • Family Inequality Blog https://familyinequality.wordpress.com/ 

WHAT TO DO: Go to these blog sites and read a few blogs on a similar topic. These are short! Write down the reference information for each article you plan to use. You should read from at least two of these sources on a similar topic.

Write an annotated bibliography for 4-5 blogs. This means, include the reference information for each blog/report you read and a brief summary of the main points in the article. What are the major findings the authors report? Write 2-3 sentences for each blog. Write a brief introduction to introduce your topic.

You will expand on this topic for PART TWO of this assignment, so be sure to select a topic that interests you. Its okay to browse and skim more than 4 or 5 blogs to find a topic that interests you. I recommend starting with The Society Pages, Theres Research on That! to get started.

WHAT TO SUBMIT:  Write a brief (3-4 sentences) introduction that captures the overall findings discussed in the blogs you read. This is a good place to summarize research findings across articles, to display tensions or contradictions, and/or to reveal big questions being asked in the field about this topic.  Follow the introduction with an annotated bibliography of 4-5 blogs on a relevant topic. Total length should not exceed two pages. Title your document Using Evidence to Document ____________. In the blank, write your topic.