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For Freud, what fundamental ground or purpose organizes and defines human nature and
in turn defines the character of men and women? 

Consequently what two key aspects define the relationships between men and women? 

What social institution or arrangement does this produce? 

What does this fundamental ground or purpose always seek and demand?

How and why does this demand then manifest itself or emerge in the different levels and wider types of human social/institutional arrangements or social connections? 

What does Freud call all these emergent forms of social and institutional connections? 

How is this related to Freud’s view of the character and potential of relations between men and women individually and socially?

 Critically examine Freud’s views in light of Marx’s discussion of the relation between and potential of men and women. 

According to Marx what defines the
potential of the relations between men and women and how is this different from Freud’s
view? Please answer every question in the essay and put it in the format of an intro, 3 body paras, and a conclusion.