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I need a very up to date, attractive CV for job application. I am a sociology graduate 2021, and i want a cv that will be universal and will fit into any position that is sociology related.  A comprehensive cv that will get me hired fast. Concordia university Montreal quebec B.A SOCIOLOGY  PLS USE ANY CANADA ADDRESS WHEN writing so THAT i can edit it and add mine, postal code space etc You should leave a space in the cover letter incase i need to add the position that i will be applying for in future.  The experiences that i intend to use of which

 (1) one of them is a volunteer job at (miriamfoundation.ca) Miriam HOME in Montreal Quebec Canada where i worked with autistic kids teaching them communication skills. Pls look up the above website to get the full info on miriam foundation 

(2) THE second one is called EX-SELL MERCHANDISING where i work as a product expert, or retail associate where i have to train, face to face analysing a particular product, more like sales, i get to visit over 50 BESTBUY stores, training their sales associates on intel processor laptops, and making sure that they know exactly the content of the types of intel procesor laptops that they are selling to customers. so you can add more information as it relates to being a sociology graduate.  

(3) the third one is called ACTION LINK and it’s more like EX-sell merchandising too, i represented all BOSE SPEAKERS, from the noise cancelling ones to big speaker, all BOSE sound systems, and i also dealt with customers in a bestbuy, staples locations in Montreal canada as well, aside from training the instore bestbuy associates, i also had to do bunch of paperwork, make a report of the number of associates that i trained, the time i trained them, the number of products sold, and report to a geeral manager.