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sociology midterm

Part 1: Sociology, Culture, Deviance Explaintheissueofreliabilityandvalidityinmeasurement(Ch.1) Whatarethreewaysthesociologicalperspectivecanhelpyousucceedincollege and the workforce? Thinkofaproblemthatimpactsyoupersonally(e.g.,thehighcostoftuition, unemployment, etc.).a. Explain how you would make sense of the problem differently if you viewed it as: (a) only a personal problem and (b) influenced by a public issue.b. How do possible solutions to the problem differ depending on how you view it? Howcansociologyhelpyoubecomeamoreinformedcitizenandbetterableto understand how government policies and institutions impact society? Isitfairtotreatjuvenilecriminalsasadults?Whatshouldtheresponsetojuvenile violence be: treatment or punishment (or some combination, or something else)? How can juvenile violence be prevented? Shouldsocietyresponddifferentlytosomeoneconsidered“insane”ratherthan “guilty” of the crime? Why,accordingtosociologists,arethe“crimesofthepowerful”(politicians, businesspeople, and other elites) less likely to be severely punished than those of the poor, even when those crimes have severe consequences? Explain. Part 2: Socialization Describeandgiveanexampleofeachofthefollowingcomponentsofculture: symbol, value, belief, and norm. Discusstheroleofnatureandnurtureinthedevelopmentofself.Howdothey interplay in shaping human behavior? Socializationoccursthroughoutthelifecycle.Intowhatrolehaveyoubeen socialized most recently? Who were the primary agents in this socialization process? Did you find the process relatively easy or difficult? Why? Shouldtoysbemoregender-neutral(i.e.,madeforonegenderonly)?Doescolor coding toys pink and blue based on gender stereotypes reinforce gender biases? Do you think parents and children appreciate gender messaging in toys? Explain. Ifyouwereaskedtocreateagovernmentpolicytopromotepositivesocialization experiences that would strengthen our society, what might you propose? Why? Part 3: Groups and Organizations 1. Duringatypicalday,whendoyouengageinfront-stageandbackstage behavior? Why? With whom do you engage in each? Why? Mostcollegestudents,particularlythosewithfamily,work,and/orsportsteam obligations, deal with role conflict. Describe a time when you dealt with a conflict between the roles you carry out. What did you do about it? How might colleges and universities diminish role conflict among students? Whatconstitutesasocietyasbureaucratic?Wouldyouratherliveina bureaucratic society or in a society without bureaucratic forms of organizations? Why? Analyze2waysinwhichdeviantsubculturesmayrespondtothedifficultiesof achieving mainstream goals. Guidelines for Midterm The midterm paper is worth 100 points and is worth 10 percent of your grade. Please answer all parts of each question. The Midterm tests your ability to absorb, synthesize and apply course material presented in the readings, discussions and lectures. Please number your answers (e.g., 1, 2, 3), but do not include the original questions as part of your responses. Real commitment to your midterm will be seen through your critical response, utilization of relevant sociological terms, and an assessment of the significance and influence the subject matter has in our society. Be as detailed as possible. For your Midterm, you will answer all of the questions entirely. Ideally, your answers should make an argument and prove a point. Be sure to use terminology and applicative support from the readings. Your midterm should be no longer than 7 pages double spaced. This allows for a thorough analysis. There is no requirement to do additional research for the papers. But if you do consult other sources, you should provide full citations, putting author and year of publication in parentheses and providing a full reference at the end of the paper. No Midterm will be accepted late and will result in a zero. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now