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Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology writing question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

The questions needed to be answered are:

What seem to be some of the common features of white nationalist and right-wing populist organizations and movements?

What do you notice thus far about the significance of gender in white right politics?

Your essay should incorporate and cite the film “White Noise” (screened in class), and at least 4 of the 5 required reserve readings from 4/11 – 4/20 (i.e. Bjork-James, American Nazi Party, Minna Stern, Spierings et al, Love, Sunderland)

Each short essay is worth 12 points, and you may complete all five if you like, or can opt to complete fewer.

If specific course materials are required for a particular essay, the essay question/prompt will specify

. Otherwise, you may choose which course materials most support your discussion.

You may, but do not need to include any outside materials

. Your essay(s) should be a minimum of 800 words (no maximum), and should conform to the formatting instructions in the course assignment guidelines.

1. Broad skillset

A sociology degree will provide you with abilities that can be applied to a variety of jobs. Improved critical facilities will allow you to make rational decisions in the interest of fairness, while synthesis of both group and independent projects will equip you with self-reliance, autonomy skills and teamwork.

2. Better understanding of humankind

Studying sociology allows you to gain a deeper and greater understanding of the simple and complex nature of humans and their societies. By studying societal behavior, you can make comparisons, attempt to solve issues and have a rational perception of society’s frustrating habits.

3. Transferable skills

Studying sociology prepares one for making career and life decisions not only by providing a dynamic set of subject-specific and transferable skills but rather by motivating an individual to consider their own place in the world and how they ended up getting there, and what their life can be like in the future.

4. Possibility for joint honors

You can study sociology and take another course at the same time. Combining sociology with mathematics or a modern language can be a great combination. Adding variety to your degree can be great and help you to make your university experience exceptional and extra vibrant.

5. Great importance in the solution of international problems

Political divisions exist throughout the world, causing stress and conflict. Physical science advancements have brought the nations of the world closer together. However, people have failed to bring peace to the world. But understanding the underlying tensions and causes can be aided by sociology.

6. Sociology makes a scientific study of society

Prior to the development of sociology, society was studied in an unscientific manner and society was never the center of any science. However, the study of sociology has made it possible to conduct a truly scientific analysis of our society. It has enabled people to comprehend and learn scientific methods for studying society and is regarded as the finest approach to all social sciences.

7. Helps in growth of culture and preservation

Sociologists tend to collect information about all cultures and transmit it to others. They also write books that help preserve cultural heritage. As a result, they preserve and grow culture in a variety of different ways, such as simply writing about it or by teaching it to students in sociology lectures.


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