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Solution to Water Shortage in CapeTown
Paper details:
This paper is about the water shortage issue in cape town and a potential solution to the problem. The solution in this case would be introducing water desalination technology.

Spend the first 150 words or so talking about the water issue in cape town itself. This may include, but is not limited to, what caused it, its effect and so on. Then spend around 600 words talking about how desalination technology can be introduced to solve the issue.

Focus on making a detailed description of the solution, its different components, how it would helps solved the issue and who would be involved the solution and how they would participate.

Then spend about 300 words talking about the perspectives in favor and against this particular solution. Then spend about 300 words drawing evidence from a real world case where a similar approach was implemented and the outcomes of the approach (opportunities and challenges). Then spend around 150 words on the conclusion which should be a summary of the paper.