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Choose 5 of your classmates’ Spark Grant Community Project Proposals (*link to projects will be available Thursday, June 3rd*) and answer the following questions below for each of the 5 proposals:

    1. Who created the Spark Grant Proposal?
    2. What social issue does the project address and what community project does the creator propose?
    3. Where are the strongest examples of ethos, pathos and logos? 
    4. Where are opportunities to amplify ethos, pathos and logos?
    5. If you were the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, would you fund this project based on this proposal? Why or why not?

Criteria for Success

Each evaluations should be 200+ words, so you will post 1000+ words total for this discussion assignment. You can choose to post all five of your evaluations in a single post or create five separate posts. 

Each response is worth 3 points, for a total of 15 points. To receive full credit, you must provide concrete details and examples from the proposals in your evaluations. Formatting is not a grading criterion, but you must proofread your work.