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Specify points from your texts that you drew on to make these revisions. 

 Revision is an essential part of the process of writing. Revision literally means to “see again,” and it focuses on more than editing or proofreading. Revision focuses on issues such as Strengthening a paper’s argument Strengthening consideration and overcoming of opposing views Strengthening a paper’s organization Strengthening a paper’s use of sources For this week’s discussion, you will revise a paragraph of your essay and post it to the forum. Do not focus on grammar, spelling, or citations. Focus on higher order points in writing such as argumentation, organization, and use of sources. You will then identify the revised elements and reflect on why the revision has improved the writing. Be sure to post the “before” and “after” revision paragraphs. For your initial post (300 words minimum): Revise one paragraph from Week 3 essay. Post the before and after versions of the paragraph. In a third and separate paragraph answer the following questions: What did you revise? Why? How did this improve the paragraph? What worked well? What did you learn from writing and revising? Specify points from your texts that you drew on to make these revisions.