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Specify the products you are considering for your design and include their costs and the total cost of the network.

For this interactive assignment, you will draft your Network Design Proposal and Design (which will then be revised and submitted as a final assignment in Week 5). Be sure to have reviewed the hands-on activity 6A, 7C, 8B, and read Chapters 6 and 7. Pay special attention to details on the Request for Proposal (RFP) at the end of Chapter 6. The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply the concepts and skills you have acquired so far in the course: Internet models (the five layer – TCP/IP aka the Internet model data communication network) Network design How to create a Design Proposal How to design a LAN How to create a backbone network and connect your LAN environments How to incorporate VLANs How to connect the network to a WAN. Prior to beginning your Network Design Proposal and Design draft, read Anthony’s Potato Chip Company Scenario Download Anthony’s Potato Chip Company Scenario to learn the background information.

Then, use the Network Design Proposal and Design Download Network Design Proposal and Design template to complete the following elements. Requirements Analysis Include the requirements for each of the following: Data types Data sources Numbers of users and priority levels Transmission speed requirements Load variation estimates Storage requirements Reliability requirements – The standards reliability requires the network to operate at following percentage rates: Standard operations uptime: Downtime: Error rate: 0.001% Existing network (a description of the existing network) High-Level Diagram Different levels of design describe the network at different degrees of granularity.

Create a high-level diagram of an entire network that shows only the buildings and internet using SmartDraw (Links to an external site.) or a similar network design software. There are several free options or free trials available online. Detailed Design Design the LAN Network for all of the buildings (separately) using the Headquarters First Floor Download Headquarters First Floor , Headquarters Second Floor Download Headquarters Second Floor , Escondido New Sales Office Download Escondido New Sales Office , and Alpine Manufacturing and Production Download Alpine Manufacturing and Production floor plans. Your design should also include network equipment (similar to Figure 7-1 in your text). Design the distribution layer backbone that will connect the floors for the San Diego Headquarters. Building. Add this backbone information to your LAN diagram (similar to Figures 8-1, 8-4, or 8-5 in your text). Alternatively, design a VLAN that links the buildings and departments together to establish a virtual environment. With the addition of the new Sales office in Escondido, the CIO wants to be sure that some of the load is taken off of the LAN. In addition, various departments throughout the entire organization should be able to communicate and collaborate in a virtual environment, rather than always needing to meet face-to-face. Add the VLAN-based backbone to your designs as appropriate (similar to Figures 8-6, 8-7, or 8-8 in your text). Compare the VPN based backbone with the VLAN based backbone and explain which one would be more appropriate for this project and why? Design the WAN. Copy your high-level diagram and add the WAN to the diagram by including any physical connections such as T1, T3, CO3, etc. and VPNs (similar to Figures 9-8 and 9-9) as needed. Equipment Analysis Determine the equipment needed based on your planned network and create your network’s Equipment Analysis table (similar to Figures 7-21 and 8-16 in your text).

Specify the products you are considering for your design and include their costs and the total cost of the network. You may use the site www.cdw.com (Links to an external site.) to find any other equipment needed. To ensure compatibility and reliability, it is recommended to have the devices from one single vendor, such as Cisco. Provide a rationale for your choices based on your sources. Recommend additional software that Anthony’s will need for ease of communication. For example: Skype, WebEx, Adobe, audio files, email, chat, and video. Provide a rationale for your recommendations using scholarly and/or credible sources. (Similar to Figure 9-20 in your text). (NOTE: There is no one single solution. The design is based on your network optimization decisions.) For your initial post Write an email to the CEO of Anthony’s Potato Chip Factory addressing the need for your proposal. In your email, briefly explain the concepts of networking and data communication that relate to the work you plan to do for Anthony’s Potato Chip Company. Remember that you want the CEO to understand your ideas, even though the CEO may not be a network expert. Attach your Network Design Proposal and Design. Maintenance Complete the Maintenance column, as if you are planning to support your project for 6 months after deployment. Include items such as software updates, upgrades, troubleshooting, Operation and Maintenance (OM) Monitoring.