Purpose of this assignment: 

To help you think through and better understand how Sponsorships, Product Placements in shows or movies and Branded Entertainment are integral parts of Promotions.  Pay attention to how these can be used as choices for an integrated marketing communications campaign (IMC). 

Assignment Instructions:

Individually,  choose One (1) of the following three options answer thoughtfully and thoroughly.  The concepts are from Chapter 12 in your PROMO 2 textbook.

  1. Individual Assignment option 1:
    Create a branded-entertainment proposal for the coffee giant Starbucks. Your proposal should identify a specific target audience and describe in detail a proposed storyline for a short film, television series, or other entertainment product that would effectively promote the brand and capture the attention of the targeted market segment.
  2. Individual Assignment option 2:
    Event sponsorship is becoming increasingly important to advertisers as the effectiveness of traditional media is eroded due to audience fragmentation. Select an example of event sponsorship at your school or in your community, and describe the relationship between the marketer and the event. What role does the marketer perform during the event? Why would a company consider the event an effective method to reach its target audience?
  3. Individual Assignment option 3:
    Product placement is the practice of embedding a branded product into the content of an entertainment vehicle, whether a television show, film or print article. A classic example was the prominent appearance of Reeses Pieces in the movie e.t. the Extra-Terrestrial. For this exercise, select a favorite brand, and identify placement opportunities for it in popular television series, movies, or video games. List three ways the brand could be placed naturally, and explain why you think this product placement would be an appropriate and effective marketing tool for the brand.

Final Comments about Individual Weekly Assignment Submissions:

Your answer should be a minimum of four paragraphs, single-spaced. Proofread your work before you submit; it only takes a minute or two and will almost always save you point deductions. Once you are comfortable with the final document, save your final work as a Word document (.doc). Do not save as a .pages or .pdf file, nor provide a link to the Google Doc (which is only to be used to create a working draft, not submitted to the instructor).  As for every course assignment, make sure you have an Introduction paragraph explaining your approach to the prompt, and then a Conclusion paragraph that ties it all together.  The concepts are from Chapter 12 in your PROMO 2 textbook.