Standard Atmosphere – Airspeed

Part 1

The first part of this module week’s assignment is to choose and research an airport of interest. (Please use KSEA as the airport) This can be an airfield near you or an interesting place you always wanted to explore further. The important thing is that it should have some regular weather reporting capability, in order to enable your research.

For your research, you can utilize the official FAA Airport/Facility Directory or any suitable and available online flight planning software, such as AOPA Airports ( or Skyvector Aeronautical Charts. ( AOPA’s flight planning tool has the advantage of directly depicting current weather as well.

For weather information, you can use the official National Weather Service’s Aviation Weather Center/NOAA ( or any other available flight planning tool.

Part 2

In the second part of this module’s assignment, we will take a closer look at the speeds involved. Let’s assume the given 150 kts lift-off speed was the indicated value in the cockpit, i.e. the Indicated Airspeed [KIAS]