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Using the LOWD model of ethical reasoning, analyze an ethical dilemma in the case study below and write an essay in first-person narrative form in accordance with the rubric below. Write the paper from the point of view as if you were working your way out of the ethical dilemma.

As a reminder Dr. Stand defines an ethical dilemma as, An ethical dilemma is where two or more competing options present themselves, neither of which is obviously right. The paper should identify the ethical dilemma, option(s) available to solve the dilemma, how you weighed your options, reference of an ethical theory or theories (deontology, virtues-based ethics, consequentialist ethics), and your justifiable decision.

The paper should be no more than three pages (maximum 1500 words), double spaced and should use 12-point Times New Roman font. Spelling, grammar and punctuation should be at an undergraduate level.

Located the material facts and main ethical dilemma: The main ethical dilemma is clearly stated with a developed justification.

Options to resolve the dilemma: Clearly identified and explained at least two distinguishable and complete courses of action.

Weighed consequences of courses of action: Articulated a clear and consistent weighing process among all stated courses of action.

Referenced ethical theory (or theories): Clearly and accurately applied the correct ethical theory(ies) in all the stated decision along with clear explanation of that decision with convincing and rational justification. courses of action and the final decision.

Explained decision:

Format (length, font, spacing, spelling, grammar, punctuation): Paper is between 2 and 3 pages, 12-pt Times New Roman font and double-spaced throughout (used proper double spacing and no additional space between paragraphs). Grammar, spelling, and punctuation have no more than 1 error.

Paper content and flow: Paper follows logical sequence of ideas leading to justifiable conclusion. Paragraphs are well developed with effective transition sentences. Resources are cited appropriately.