Write a single-page, 250-word response to those readings and post it here. Each reading response will be evaluated in a scale of 1(D-) to 5 (A+). The responses must demonstrate a thorough and in-depth understanding and reflection of the material; we look for the following:
A big question or overarching theory that will reflect the essence of your response, phrased like a Yes / No / Maybe, or an XYZ: Strongly Agree / Agree / Disagree / Strongly Disagree. Think of it like a thesis statement or thesis question of an essay, something to get the reader of your response inspired. Each week, a selection of questions from your responses will be chosen for Tuesdays synchronous Q&A session.
A brief summary of the reading(s) you read this week, outlining the key arguments and connecting them where applicable.
A reflection that responds to the authors text. Be sure to stay aware and critical of your own response to the authors arguments and points; why might you agree, disagree, feel shocked, or maybe arent surprised at all to what they say? Can you back up your viewpoints with specific examples or include some personal experiences that help to shape your response to what you read?