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STEM, Robots, Codes, and Makers Spaces are increasingly ubiquitous in the educational
experience in classrooms. For this assignment, you will explore each of these four initiatives from
the perspective of your own local community so that you can inform others in your locale of the
resources available to them. Seek knowledge and resources most appropriate to the interests and
needs of your own work setting, colleagues, and potential users/learners.


Using the provided STEM, Robotics, Coding, and Makers Spaces Overview Template, using
knowledge gleaned from current scholarly articles (published within the last five years), provide a
brief overview of each of the four initiatives that discusses each initiatives significance. Then,
respond to each question, referencing scholarly sources to support your claims. For resources in
your geographical area, check local libraries, school websites, universities, or other community
resources in your area to identify what is available near you. Seek as many hands-on facilities as
you can find; avoid digital-only sources, if possible. Include a one-sentence description and link
for at least one resource for each initiative. Pursue local resources in your own community first. If
none are found, broaden your search to surrounding locations to identify the closest resource to
you for each initiative.

Include a minimum of two references for scholarly works for each initiative, for a total of at least
eight sources. Each source should be published within the last five years. Follow current APA