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2-You can find the instructions inside the doc

3- Please write a paper in the document

4- Write a report on whatever you use to research and what you write in a different document because we will discuss it separately in class

Write at least 8- references using the APA style.


Please use simple language

Put the in-text quote in each.

Additions within the document

Describe the Byte Products, Inc industry (competitivity, rivals, growth, stakeholders). 2 marks
Draw the SWOT matrix for Byte Products, Inc. 2 marks
What is the major problem of Byte Products, Inc and what are the main solutions provided to this company in order to improve its competitive advantage? 2 marks
Describe the plan suggested by the board of directors to improve the demand.
2 marks

What can you recommend to Byte Products, Inc in order to improve the demand for its products and ameliorate its competitive advantage? Justify. 2 marks
Section II.Discussion questions (5 marks)

Is social responsibility a driver of a corporate competitive advantage? How? Justify your answer using examples from Saudi Market.3 marks
Briefly describe a successful story of a strategic alliance between two companies from the real (national or international) market.2 marks