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Wk 3 – Strategies/Project Management Plan Grant Component [due Mon]
Assignment Content

As an old saying goes, Plan the work and work the plan. Every successfully funded initiative starts with a well-thought-out plan of action that shares with the funding agency the vision for accomplishing the work. In this assignment, you develop the Strategies/Project Management Plan component of your grant proposal for the Wk 5 Summative Assessment. This component is a plan aligned with project goals and objectives that outlines the activities that will need to be completed, as well as identifies the people and time needed for success. Planning these resources will help you as you build your budget.

Develop the Strategies/Project Management Plan component of your grant proposal. Complete the following:

Write a 525- to 700-word summary of the plan for accomplishing your local criminal justice initiative.
Create a timeline of key activities for the initiative in either a table or a spreadsheet. Include the following for each activity or task in the timeline:
Determine the duration of the individual activity and any sub-activities.
Allocate a key staff individual or key staff role to the activity and identify any relevant partnerships or collaboration associated.
Denote materials or resources needed for the activity or task.

Note: Refer to Worksheet 5.1, Worksheet Sample Timeline (Abbreviated), in Step 5 of Winning Grants Step by Step as you build your timeline.

Submit both your summary and timeline.