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Paper details:
Readers typically progress through four stages of reading development. The four stages are the emergent, early reading, transitional and fluent stages of reading.
Two characteristics of the emergent stage of reading include readers displaying pre-reading behaviors and developing oral language skills.

Two characteristics of the early reading stage include texts that contain more print than those for emergent readers with more complex story lines and using a variety of genres and purposes for reading.
Research either the emergent or early reading stage of reading. Research the characteristics and three instructional strategies that should be used in either stage of reading. Write one lesson plan based on one stage in reading showing effective teaching of one instructional strategy researched using the Touro lesson plan format.

The paper must be a minimum of three pages but may be longer. The instructional strategies you chose must have a direct correlation to improved academic performance.
You must utilize a minimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles. The peer-reviewed journals must involve current research (articles must be within the last seven years). You must use challenging, informational sources to demonstrate your deep understanding of the strategies chosen.
You are required to cite your sources following APA format and style (6thEd.). Your paper must include citations in the body of your paper and your bibliography must include the sources of your citations.
Choose either the emergent or the early reading stage. Research the characteristics of the stage chosen and three effective instructional strategies for that one stage.
Your paper must be a minimum of three pages but may be longer. Double space your paper. Be sure to follow APA (6th Ed.) guidelines. Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.