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Creative Assignment 2: Strategy and Pitch Deck for your personal project
Paper details:
I will attach files related to the assignment.
a) On 2 pages, refine your ideas from Creative Assignment 1 on how you would go
about setting up your project. Identify 5 production companies or studios,
domestic or international, that could be a good fit for your program and briefly lay
out why.
b) Create a pitch deck (10 to 15 pages) for your personal project idea, following the
guidelines presented in the class sessions and in the readings.
c) Create a one sheet/poster for your personal project.
d) Create a brief sizzle reel or mockup trailer.
e) Write the first 5 pages of your feature scriipt or TV pilot, using standard screenplay
formatting software.
Dear writer, you need to do only Part (a) and (e)
I also attached the my paper I wrote that you need to use