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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business report and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly note I need a sample report of the following:

  • TASK:-
  • Produce a report that is approx. 1,600 words, in a narrative format to

    Critically evaluate how the Oman 2040 vision informs the strategy of your company (or a previous company that you have worked in

    and therefore have knowledge of).

    Key areas to address:-

    -How is this vision going to impact your company? -Which ones are feasible currently to undertake? In light of:- -Personnel -Expectation -Practicality Suggest most practical/feasible solution/strategy why is this the key one suggested back up with evidence!

    Look at the Rubric see where the marks are assigned.

    Assignment -GuidanceBrilliant Basics does the work look good?

    Appendix if you apply any models, or use any tables/diagrams to assist the conveying of information

    Label and introduce and highlight key issues within

    Use subheadings if you would prefer to not compulsory

    Referencing Harvard must apply

    Reflect the guided learning for this unit

    Critical/analytical approach required

    Integration of theory with practice

    Conclusions and recommendations- not the place for new content.

    Assignment Layout

    Narrative based paragraphs and sub-headings if needed does not have to be a full report structure (see addl guidance on BREO)

    Ensure that you proof-read

    Ensure word-count is evident

    Add your Student number and your full name to the front/title page

    Check your work have you answered the question as set?


    Ask a critical friend to check that what you have written makes sense and is appropriately presented.