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Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams.

note this paper is 2000 words, so do not give me a paper that is more than 2200 words or less than 2000 words. Due Mar 14, Monday  Note it is the day when the break starts. You may submit it on the Sunday before.  Go to the path Safe Assignment and read on writing the MLA style research paper,  Accessing your material for your research paper from Literature Resource Center in our library database, and sample research papers. I offer step by step instruction to access the material and add clear instructions on  the MLA style. 

You will also see a lists of articles for each of these literature works that are dummies, meaning they cannot be accessed through the links there. I just have them to show you what we have. You must login to our library to get it.  Use ONLY 3 critical  literary sources from Gale Group on literature  in our library database. Use only literature articles that have authors names and page numbers as you will be using this in your paper.   A paper with Grade A will have the correct use of the MLA style.

 A paper with no research or wrong research will get a D. You must have a Works Cited page at the end of the essay. Put your name on top of the paper and the Works cited on the bottom of the paper, send ONE doc.   Do not attach them separately in Safe Assignments.     IMPORTANT Use only literary critics who write about the literature studied. I do not want to see psychology or sociology or historical articles in your paper as these critics have not studied the literature that we are handing.

 Anyone who turns in a paper with articles that are not from literature will be considered as not having valid research and will get a C- or D in the paper.    Take at least 3 or 4 direct quotations of 4 to 8 lines from each source. This means that your essay will have at least 9 direct literary critical quotations in the whole paper. Then discuss the quotations and support with details from the play using  stage directions, events, quoted passages, or dialog.Your paper should have 35 –  40 % quotations and no more.  An excessive amount of quoted material will lower your grade as it will read as a copy and paste paper.