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Students should select a business/societal issue for which they must innovatively problem solve, developing their solution with support from tutors. The proposed solution will be delivered via a digital online portfolio and must include a variety of components (listed below). Students will research, develop, and collect material relevant to their innovative solution and upload it to a personally created blog/website platform such as WordPress, Wix or similar of their own making/choosing. 


Content: During each stage of the module, you will contribute and curate your Digital Portfolio – this is an online collection into which you should include evidence of your research activities; this may be images, photos, sketches, videos etc. In addition, you should include reflections, reviews of guest speakers and critiques of articles, white papers, journal articles, practitioner reports and suchlike. Finally, you should also upload the various outcomes of each work session which will both contribute to your overall portfolio for assessment and provide an opportunity for feedback and discussion