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Research Questions

Growth in the travel industry has been one of the most successful stories of our lifetime, while it is partly due to the affordability provided by budget airlines or the inquisitiveness generated by the launch of social media, we all have probably travelled to more places than our peers lived 20 year ago. 

This exceptional growth in the travel industry provided a massive boost to the hotel industry

. Despite this massive increase in hotel rooms and profitability; this increase did not exactly translate into increased number of people in hotel restaurants or increased revenue for hoteliers

. This research will investigate four major factors behind this decline: –


Sub Saharan Africa: Why is it different to the rest of the world?  

What can be done to better prepare the tourism industry for another possible global shutdown or pandemic?  

How can data help us make decisions to drive the domestic market and narrow the gap in the reliance on international tourism and create a more sustainable domestic model?