Please  answer all four question seprately with 1 page per question with a cited source for each.

The module 2 exam consists of 4 essay questions that are drawn from the material through weeks 7 & 8. Each essay is worth 25 points for a total of 100 points. This exam is worth 10% of your overall grade so put forth the effort.

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You will be graded on your demonstrated ability to apply the material that you have learned, including the videos and discussions. Use key terms to demonstrate your understanding!

Finally, 80% of your grade consists of the content of your answer; the other 20% reflects your ability to effectively organize your thoughts and communicate clearly using correct grammar and spelling. Starting sentences with lower case letters and/or run-on sentences would be something to avoid. Please refer to the grading rubric here.

Best of luck!

question 1

Behaviorists believe that animal behavior can be modified through operant conditioning (positive and negative reinforcements). How can operant conditioning explain how one gets addicted to drugs and how could it be used in drug treatment?

question 2

We learned that there are three standard components of contemporary substance abuse treatment. For this treatment to be effective, the text mentions three “essentials of effective treatment.” Please list these three “essentials” and explain why you feel they are important.

question 3

Sociological theory is concerned with social structures and social behavior. From the sociological perspective, how can drug misuse be explained? What are some common factors associated with adolescent substance abuse as outlined by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)?

question 4

Discuss protective factors and risk factors associated with the potential for drug use. How can the strengthening of protective factors and the mitigation of risk factors assist in preventing substance abuse?