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This assignment will explore the Life Span Development concepts in Chapters 9-18.


Explore physical, cognitive, and social developmental influences at different stages.
Summarize the different factors contributing to longevity.
Apply Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development to behavior occurring throughout the lifespan.
Analyze individual parenting styles and their effects on children.
1. Using material from Chapter 9-18, select one person who is not in the same Life Span time as you, to interview. For your interview, you must explore 3 developmental periods with them.
It would be helpful to interview someone who has lived through several developmental periods.
If you do not have someone to interview, you are welcome to choose a celebrity/public figure. Be sure they have significant materials for you to work with.
Your interview should be specific when discussing their developmental time frames.
Based on what you have collected from your interviewee:
What does Developmental Psychology say about their development?
Utilize your sources and connect course content to what you have learned about your interviewee.
Please use three (3) additional APA/Scholarly Sources. Your textbook counts as 1 of the 3.
Page expectation: no less than 4 pages (this does no include your abstract, cover page,
6. You are welcome to be creative here!
You can add video clips, picture, interview clips, etc
Work should be typed in .doc or .docx only
Typed and double spaced using 12 pt Times
New Roman Font
Black type (no colors) on white background,
Standard 1″ borders (top, bottom, right, left).
First page with name, date, etc identifying information and citation pages are not considered in page count.
Citations should be in full APA format.
Interview consists of 3 developmental areas (20
Paper clearly identifies class concepts and connects them to interview examples (15 points)
Paper demonstrates the ability to compare and contrast their developmental life and their interviewer’s (10 points)
Paper is well written (10 points)
Paper is written using APA formatting (10 points)
You can make up the person and do mock interview