Summary/Response paper to Metaphors of a Mestiza Consciousness: Anzaldas Borderlands/La Frontera
This paper will be on the scholarly article I have attached: Metaphors of a Mestiza Consciousness: Anzaldas Borderlands/La Frontera
I have also attached the essays instructions, but have copied the important info below.
Write at least 2 pages that summarize what you see as the significant arguments of the article. As with all summaries, make sure that you are presenting the ideas of the article accurately, clearly, and in your own words. The standard rule is that you are plagiarizing if you use a three-word phrase or more without quotes. There are circumstances where the use of one word, or the substitution of words without changing the sentence structure, constitutes plagiarism. You may use some quotes here, but only rarely. The point is for you to determine the main ideas and state them in your own language. You may also, for a long article, choose to summarize a portion of an article (say, 10 pages or so). If you do this, you must designate in the title of your paper what pages you are covering.
When you have summarized, write at least 2 pages in addition in which you respond to the article, focusing on your evaluation of the ideas and the use you to which might put thEm.