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Super Bowl Ad

You are tasked with shooting a 30-second promotional video for Hult. Get inspiration from Super Bowl commercials, when it comes to being brief, to the point, creative and engaging. You pay for a 30-second block, sharp. If your video is shorter, you are not making the most of it. You can not also exceed the time even by 1 second – Super Bowl does not allow for longer footage (unless you pay double). 

You are responsible both for message execution and creative execution. It means that:

  1. You need to establish what is the advertising objective (informative, persuasive or reminder), and then,
  2. You must decide WHAT TO SAY (message strategy), and
  3. You must decide HOW TO SAY IT (creative strategy), and then,
  4. JUST DO IT.

You can create footage on your own and/or use any materials publicly available, or prepare a combination of those two, but remember this is supposed to be your own work. You can not copy or violate any copyrights. You can exchange ideas with your peers but every single student is required to submit their own, individual piece. If I see two complete the same or very similar videos (e.g. using the same footage for most of the video time), all parties involved will get fail. 

If you truly dislike the idea of preparing a video for Hult, and would rather focus on another brand, you need to consult this with the instructor and get her approval at least one week before the assignment deadline.

Suggestions for making a good video:

The video has to be interesting! Good enough for Hult marketing team to consider actually publishing it in Hult official channels. The picture needs to be sharp and clear and the sound has to be good enough to hear every word you said. No noises in the background like thunders, dogs barking, mouse clicking, mic touching, sheets changing etc. You decide if you act in the video or if you show your face. Not must have, but welcomed. Be creative in what to film. 

Also, watch the video before uploading it and remember that you can record it as many times as you need. You do not have one shot only. What is more you can edit the video, cut it, divide it, it is not live, so use the advantage of it. Please use official English only. 

You must upload the video to YouTube so that you post a YouTube link to Canvas (not a file, only a link). You must ensure that the YouTube link is accessible for the instructor. (YouTube has 3 options: public, non-public, private – I suggest you pick non public.) Before uploading the video, double check if you can easily understand the content.