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The busines is amazon

Given your generic business strategy from week 1, if your business can afford only one major system upgrade at this time, describe how one of the following types of systems could contribute to the value of your business and influence the business strategychoose either: computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), supply chain management (SCM) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. CAD/CAM systems enable businesses to design and manufacture unique products to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

SCM systems can improve efficiency and reduce costs if a business has a large number of suppliers and products. CRM systems enable businesses to better manage customer information to develop deep relationships with customers. ERP systems help to manage resources (e.g., finance, inventory, human resources) to improve the efficiency of business operations. Even though your business may use many types of systems, focus on one (CAD/CAM, SCM, CRM, or ERP) that is most important for your business strategy.

Create a professional PowerPoint presentation for your business recommending a system upgrade. Make sure you remind your business team of the generic strategy and how the system you are proposing will enhance the business strategy.

The presentation should provide a description of the new type of system and describe the types of people in the company who would use or be impacted by the new system. In the PowerPoint presentation you should justify your decision by describing what business improvements your business could make with the new system.

The Porter Value Chain and Five Competitive Forces models can be helpful in describing the areas impacted by the new system and how the new system could impact your business competitive advantage. Although a cost/benefit analysis would typically be included in this type of presentation, that is not required for this assignment.