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For this assignment, you will write your argumentative research paper, based on the outline you already made (3.5) and carefully following the provided template. Here is a list of some of the most important requirements for this paper.
The topic of your thesis must be debatable and interesting for a large group of people. You must clearly take one side of the issue. Your thesis should briefly list the advantages you plan to use as support.
Support your thesis by using well-respected sources as part of your logical, organized argument. Your support section should also use elements of pathos and ethos. Make sure to research the major opposing arguments from sources who disagree with your position. After identifying the opposing arguments, you will need to refute them.
Think of some of your readers as being Christians and some as having other beliefs. (This means you need to use more than just bible verses to convince your readers your claims are true.)
Your paper must be at least 1250 words long (not counting the title page or references page).
You must follow APA guidelines for the content and formatting of all parts of your paper. You are also to create your paper inside Academic Writer, which will help you with APA rules.
You must use at least five different, timely sources. Four must come from the OCLS website.
This is my thesis: Recreational and medical marijuana should be legalized.
These are my references: APA 7th Edition