Survey Experiment Research: Design, Implementation and analysis

Survey Experiment Research involves preparing a brief survey report highlighting the Design, Implementation, and analysis of the research. The assignment evaluates the students’ understanding of the five distinct sections of a research report.

Survey Experiment Research: Design, Implementation, and analysis

During the Spring term, we are going to discuss how to design, implement and further analyze the results from a survey experiment. The assessment for this part of the course involves writing a brief research report (2,000 words) describing this work (details below). This word count does NOT include the cover page, bibliography, or appendix. The assignment must also be submitted on Turnitin by 12 pm (noon) on Wednesday 25 March 2020 in Week 27. This assignment will be worth 25% of the final mark. Additionally, it is important that you attend every class during this term as we will be going over each section of the research report in the seminars.

Assessment: We will use the step marking scheme consistent with your other modules. For more info on the making scheme, please see the UG cover sheet, the UG Handbook, or the PR2000 course outline.

Also, please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook for departmental policy on an essay submission, rules for word count, late penalties, and plagiarism.

Also note that this is not a normal essay, and it will not be assessed as one. The mark for the assignment will be based on your performance in five distinct sections. Those sections are: 1) Intro and theoretical expectations, 2) Experimental design, 3) Sample, 4) Analysis, and 5) Reflection. The point is that you might do really well on one section and less well on another, and you don’t have to worry about one bad section ruining your whole mark.

Survey Experiment Research: Design, Implementation, and analysis

Below, you will find additional information about each of the five sections. For each section, you’ll see examples of information to include in your answers. Ideally, your answers would very concisely and directly address as much of this information as possible. Of course, we know that you have a word limit to deal with, and you cannot write about EVERYTHING. You will be assessed further on the amount of (correct) detail you can provide within the confines of the word limit.

Organizing your report: The research report must consist of the following elements. Please note that the word counts are general guidelines and not strict limits. We encourage you to write each section separately with subheadings, rather than organising the report as a single essay.

Detailed Instructions

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