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Prompt:  Put yourself in the shoes of a dance reviewer, assigned to cover this concert for a publication .You will use the three main ingredients of dance writing in your review:

Description, Interpretation, and Evaluation. As a dance reviewer, you want to engage your readers, to convince them to see a particular dance, or tell them why they shouldn’t. Use vivid, expressive language in a compelling voice! You have a strict space limit for this publication, as most reviewers do. In order to fill the appropriate column space, 700 words .This review is not intended to be a play-by-play of the concert. Focus your attention more closely on one or two dances. Your review MUST have an introduction and conclusion. Consider how you might draw your reader in with a strong and/or striking opening paragraph. It might also be a good idea to provide some context for the dances you discuss or the concert as a whole

.Your paper should address these three ingredients, but you can arrange them in the way that makes the most sense for your review:



:Describe the movement(s) you found most intriguing, making sure to locate the movement in the dance in which it occurred. Remember to use clear images and vivid, sensory language. In addition to describing the movement itself, include why you were so interested or intrigued in the movement in the first place. 

What was your kinesthetic response to the movement, or how did it feel to watch that movement?

Interpretation: What meanings, ideas, themes, feelings did you find in this dance or dances?

 How did the dance suggest these meanings to you?

 Give specific examples to explain your interpretations

.Remember that your interpretation does not have to be a clear-cut answer. Really explore the meanings you are making from the dance

! Evaluation: Y

our judgment of the dance may be clear from the way you describe the work, or you may choose to have a separate section in which you reveal your evaluation of the merits of this dance.

 Be specific, and back your statements up with evidence from the dance. Be sure to explain why you felt a certain way about the dance

.Your review should also have a true ending paragraph that resolves and sums up the content of your response. Try to move beyond bland statements such as: “This was a great concert and I think everyone should see it!”